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How do you Imagine?

Imagine! Your Career is an initiative of Three Rivers Workforce Investment Board (3RWIB), sponsored by the Citizens Bank Foundation. This year, 3RWIB will help other young people Explore, Experience, and Imagine future careers through the eyes of the interns engaged in WorkReady Pittsburgh.

This is De'Andre's Story ...

I chose to intern at Calgon Carbon Corp. because I believe that was the best internship opportunity. I believe that it will give me the hands-on experience that I need, insight and knowledge to become a civil engineer.

My experience at Calgon Carbon was different than what I expected. I expected to probably not have anything to do for the first few hours, but I was wrong. When I arrived, I officially met Ms. Amanda. We went to her office, and she explained my duties for the internship.

I was surprised to receive my own office. Ms. Amanda told me that I would help the company in the Corporate Communications Department, and the first assignment was to research a competitor's social media efforts and compare those to Calgon Carbon's. Later I learned I would help demonstrate how carbon neutralizes odors and contaminates the atmosphere and water. This demonstration will be presented to young children, and I will be helping the Engineering team with two different trails (gas phase and liquid phase).

I expect I'll learn more about what office and laboratory employees do each day, and I hope my research and suggestions help Carbon Carbon communicate more effectively through social mediums.

Developing a strong professional relationship with Ms. Amanda could be key to a continued relationship with Calgon Carbon either as an college intern or potential employee.

I really didn't have any general impression of the company because I never heard of them or their competitors. But now, I feel that I have made the right decision to make Calgon Carbon as my internship this summer because everybody is friendly and they are willing to help their colleagues.

De'Andre M. is a first-year WorkReady Pittsburgh intern working at Calgon Carbon Corporation. The 17-year-old 2014 graduate of Pittsburgh Science and Technology Academy plans to study engineering at the University of Pittsburgh in the fall.

For more information about Imagine Your Career or WorkReady Pittsburgh, contact Aleina L. Smith at alsmith@trwib.org.