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How do you Imagine?

Imagine! Your Career is an initiative of Three Rivers Workforce Investment Board (3RWIB), sponsored by the Citizens Bank Foundation. This year, 3RWIB will help other young people Explore, Experience, and Imagine future careers through the eyes of the interns engaged in WorkReady Pittsburgh.

This is Te'a's Story ...

The Allegheny Intermediate Unit is an amazing organization that helps many teachers, schools, principals, students and parents. Everyone involved in the AIU is kindhearted and sweet. The people help you and make you smile. I have been at the AIU for three weeks now and I absolutely love it!

Mrs. Mary Beth has been exposing me to new experiences and has given me tons of new opportunities. I have learned how to copy, cut, paste, tape and shred papers. I have also learned how to order furniture from IKEA using a catalog and a computer.

Dr. Linda Hippert and Mrs. Mary Beth enrolled me in an International Global class with Mr. Tim Devlin. I've learned about five different countries, have taken an online Spanish class, and I will be taking an online Chinese class soon.

Ms. Megan Cicconi also registered us for a Fred Rodgers conference. The conference was very informative and focused on distinguishing the Fred Rodgers Company from the Fred Rodgers Center. Although they do similar projects, they are unique in their own way.

The last thing I would share is about my PowerPoint project. I have been taking notes on everything I have done so far, and I'm putting it all together into one huge PowerPoint. It consists of all the events that I have been involved in and also things that I have found quite interesting.

My AIU experience has been so refreshing, and I believe that it will continue to go well. Thank you everyone!

Te'a H., 16, is a first-year WorkReady Pittsburgh intern working at the Allegheny Intermediate Unit. She attends Highlands High School.

For more information about Imagine Your Career or WorkReady Pittsburgh, contact Aleina L. Smith at alsmith@trwib.org.